Billie Eilish gifts fans some love with Valentine

Popstar's new Bond movie single 'No Time To Die' shows off range


Photo by Courtesy of Creative Commons

Written By Logan Dubil, Staff Writer

While most people expected flowers and chocolates on Feb. 14, rising popstar Billie Eilish went overboard with the gift giving. The day before Valentine’s Day marked the release of Eilish’s newest single, “No Time to Die,” a piece that showcases how the artist’s vocal abilities can climb to new heights.

“[Billie Eilish] sings [her songs] in a voice so soft and intimate that she is barely singing at all,” claims David Hajdu, a journalist from “The Nation.”

In the past, 18-year-old Eilish committed to this “soft and intimate” style while performing, a decision that has sprouted both positive and negative opinions about her as an artist. Although listeners have their doubts, Eilish’s newest piece is out and ready to prove people wrong.

The song begins similar to those of her past—gentle—and slowly progresses into a style that Eilish has not yet ventured into.

Verses one and two give off a “When the Party’s Over” vibe, as the vocals are almost at a whispering level. Each time the chorus comes along, the intensity of both the vocals and the background music increase until finally, Eilish lets out one of her biggest belts to date:

“There’s just no time to die. No time to die, mmm. No time to die, ooh.” This is the line that has Eilish listeners in awe. Like mentioned above, this popstar is not well-known for taking risks like that, so this specific volume fluctuation is an important milestone for her future career. We now know what she is truly capable of and fans are ready for more.

“No Time to Die” will soon be featured in the 2020 James Bond film with an identical name. From winning five Grammy Awards to being featured in a movie, Eilish proves day after day that she is here to stay.

The song’s first live performance took place at the BRIT Awards, accompanied by the works of an orchestra, a performance that stunned the nation.

Billboard reviewer Carl Lamarre writes, “With Finneas (Billie Eilish’s brother) dressed to the nines playing the piano, Eilish flourished, as she performed sitting on a stool.”

Eilish did not only leave this event with song exposure and a sense of pride but an award of her own. Award announcer Melanie C presented Eilish with the Best International Female Solo Artist Award on Feb. 18, adding onto the impressive list of accomplishments in the year of 2020 alone.

It is crazy to think what one flawless performance can do for an artist. Song after album after debut, rising popstar Billie Eilish continues to strive for success. Her career started from recording songs at home with her older brother. From there, music platforms across the globe were introduced with their work. This brother-sister duo has traveled the world performing these songs—songs filled with passion, meaning, and inspiration. After the release of “No Time to Die,” fans all around are anxious to see what path Eilish sticks to, whether it’s “soft and intimate” or a high note hitter. Either way, Eilish will continue to be a successful singer. All you have to do is put a little faith in her. At the end of the day, she is like any average teenager—doing what she loves.