Dean Paylo Comments on Coronavirus

Written By Virginia Garner

In an email sent out on March 1 to all Point Park students, Dean Keith Paylo reassured students about the COVID-19, or better known as the Coronavirus.

As the number of cases grows, the concerns amongst citizens grow as well. Dean Paylo in accordance with the university nurse, Lauren Hogan, stated in the message that the virus is being monitored by Point Park and Student Health Services. He also went on to state that there are no suspected cases of Coronavirus at Point Park.

Currently, there are 109,970 cases worldwide and 3,827 deaths, with China, its country of origin, leading the boards with 80,735 total cases and 3,119 deaths (as of March 8).

The email also included the symptoms of Coronavirus, as reported by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). These symptoms include mild to severe respiratory illness, fever, cough and shortness of breath. Students experiencing any symptoms should contact Student Health Offices and receive treatment from a primary care physician.

Prevention of the virus according to the message and the CDC involves frequent hand washing, covering the nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing, avoiding sharing cups, utensils, water bottles, other personal items, staying home when sick and avoiding people who are sick.

To conclude the email, Dean Paylo gives further information about Coronavirus. The virus was brought to the United States in January 2020, after a traveller came back from Wuhan, China, the capital of the Hubei province of China, and the exact place the virus began. The virus is spread through person-to-person contact but it is unclear exactly how easily it is spread.

Universities in the Pittsburgh area have met and discussed what precautions to take if and when the virus is to come to the area. Additionally, plans for students, faculty and staff who are travelling during the spring and summer semesters are being carefully considered, but decisions will be made as more information comes forth about the activity of the virus in the countries being travelled to.

As for students who are currently studying abroad, they have been contacted along with the program they are affiliated with to discuss their plans for their education for the rest of the spring semester.

Students will be updated as more information about the virus, its symptoms and prevention becomes available. Dean Paylo urges students in need of medical care to contact Student Health Offices on the second floor of Thayer Hall. Faculty and staff should contact their primary care physician with any questions or for medical attention.