Kaitlin Bennett indirectly exposes ‘far-left’ students

Written By Logan Dubil, Staff Writer

I assumed this was common knowledge, but according to recent events, the opposite is true, so let me break it down for you. No one deserves to be harassed or assaulted. It should not matter if you are white or black, male or woman, straight or gay, Republican or Democrat, or even Kaitlin Bennett.

Within the past two weeks, Kent State graduate Kaitlin Bennett made quite the name for herself, and whether that new name is considered good or bad is for you to decide. A lot of people, particularly within the college community, appall her work as a pro-life and pro-gun advocate, going as far as assaulting her for doing her job. There are also people who enjoy the content she publishes to a YouTube channel called “Liberty Hangout.” Then, there is me.

I am a hybrid of the previously mentioned levels of Bennett engagement. In my last article, “Gun Girl or Internet Troll,” I went into depth on how Kaitlin Bennett approaches the interview process at the wrong angle. At the beginning of Bennett’s career, her interviews appeared to be more peaceful compared to her recent college visits – especially Ohio University.

On President’s Day, Bennett visited Ohio University to ask college students trivia questions about past presidents. However, word of her attendance spread quickly, causing riots to spawn within minutes. Yes, I agree that Kaitlin Bennett is aggressive when it comes to approaching and interviewing students, but the First Amendment is the First Amendment. Ohio University is a public space; therefore, Bennett had every right to be on campus.

On the other hand, students have every right to protest her arrival, which is exactly what occurred. Well…not exactly. Enraged members of the community began cursing at Bennett and her team, consisting of her fiancé and her security guard. The madness did not stop there. “Liberty Hangout” was continuously harassed throughout the day, as she was called names that have yet to be proven true. The term “racist” was thrown around numerous times, a word that has practically become meaningless because of students like the ones who protested at Ohio University.

Racism is a real thing; however, the far left tends to use this term towards people they disagree with. Bennett is a prime example of the word’s misusage, along with none other than the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

False accusations were not the only things tossed back and forth. Bennett and her team were repeatedly assaulted on camera by those participating in the “peaceful” protest. The video produced from the Ohio University disaster shows protestors kicking and throwing water bottles at Bennett’s crew and transportation. Last I checked, assault is against the law. Nothing Bennett did that day broke the law.

Though Bennett’s interviews are controversial, one thing can be proven. These college students, who nine out of ten times identify as a Democrat, fail to practice what they preach. All Bennett has to do is show up to prove this theory. Time after time again, Bennett captures students saying phrases like “we do not want hate here,” when in reality, these hypocrites are hateful themselves.

Do not worry, I am not condoning Kaitlin Bennett’s behavior, but as long as she continues to pursue her career as a speaker and a YouTuber, students who consider themselves as Democrats better straighten their acts up. At the end of the day, Bennett is a strong woman who will do anything to catch you at your worst moments.