The Globe’s Point – A rough end to a good year of service

Hey there, Pioneers. We know that morale is low right now, and while we typically try to lift your spirits here, we need to take a moment to join in on the sadness.

This is our final issue of the 2019-2020 school year. This is not the ending we wanted or expected. In fact our staff, like many others, are currently working remotely, editing articles via Google Docs through tear-filled eyes, sad to say goodbye to our work here until the fall, or for our seniors, forever. Our staff members, who typically spend hours each week together in our office, are very close, so not being able to work together has really taken a toll on us.

And yet, we persist. Why?

We persist because of you. We know that what we do at The Globe is more than just a resume-builder or something fun to do once a week. We write, we photograph, we edit, we design all for the Point Park student body. We care about you deeply. We care about your rights to have access to timely, accurate information about what is going on at the university you attend. We also care about you as students, as people and as individuals. 

As we wrap up this year of coverage, we look towards the future for brighter, better days. Next year, we will continue to serve you in the best way we know how. Please keep the light on for us.