The Globe’s Point – Looking forward to the future

Right now, things are not so great. Whether Pioneers are worried about themselves or their family members contracting COVID-19, we’re simply starting to develop cabin fever, and all under tremendous strain and stress. 

Part of this stress stems directly from the fact that our future is unclear. We do not know how long this pandemic will ravage our population or for how long we will be stuck inside or unemployed. There is no timeline that we can provide you with. However, we can say one thing for sure. 

Some day, this will be over. Some day, you will be able to emerge from your quarantine, and hopefully, make your way back to campus, either as a student or as a visiting graduate. Some day, we will sit in Village Park together and will attend on-campus events and classes. There’s no telling if there will ever be a complete return to normalcy.

The current events are vastly described as “unprecedented,” and this is true. As a result, things are happening that no one ever thought possible once. A walk through Downtown Pittsburgh is ghostly and haunting. Unemployment has skyrocketed. Universities everywhere have gone fully online. There’s no telling what kind of effect these things will have on our future or even how we will feel once this is all over. 

It will end, and The Globe, both our little newspaper and the one we inhabit, will continue to spin. 

We encourage you all to take care of yourselves, both mentally and physically during this time. Your mental well-being is just as important as anything else. We hope that, if nothing else, you can lean on our reliability during these confusing times.