SGA meeting starts off slowly

Written By Sarah Gibson, SGA Beat Writer

This week’s Student Government Association (SGA) meeting started off slowly.

After a vacant opportunity to hold an open floor, the meeting was brought to the reports of the executive cabinet. 

President Dennis McDermott shared his report first. McDermott explained that he was absent from last week’s SGA meeting due to being present at a faculty assembly and shared that at that meeting, they spoke of things that will become public knowledge to the university “soon.”

Parliamentarian Zachariah Washington started his report with covering a topic that was discussed at Rules Committee the previous week: censures. Washington cited that the SGA constitution is very vague with censure policy, including the realms of time frames and procedures that Parliamentarians must follow. He shared that he has an upcoming meeting with Dean Gieseke to discuss the current procedures. 

Recording Secretary Cole D’Alicandro shared that the Student Innovations Committee held their Come Complain event this past week. D’Alicandro described the attendance as “not good” and chalked it up to a lack of proper advertising for the event, in addition to Outlook being down, depriving the committee of a way to get an email blast out to the students. Hayzlett commented that this was understandable seeing that there was no pizza to use as an incentive for attendance. He described hosting events like this as “uncharted territory.”

After the opportunity for reports of standing committees to be presented, which none were, the opportunity for the reports of senators came to the floor. 

Senator Steele noted that she was currently at a “standstill” with CulinArt, but that she was going to be downtown the following day and was trying to set something up. She also noted that she is having a meeting with the disability coordinators to check in on the spring break situation in the upcoming semester regarding students with disability accommodations. 

After the senator reports, the meeting was brought to its second open floor and announcements, where Communications Director Ziegler told the legislative body that the men’s cross country team qualified for nationals this year. Senator Mady Piper shared that she was working on a project regarding students’ thoughts regarding the success of virtual classrooms this semester, and that if anyone was interested, to email her. 

Senator Hannah Confer then made an announcement to the body in order to let them know that the dining hall would be serving mac and cheese that night.