Student gov’t approves second period funding allocations

Written By Hannah Walden, USG Beat Writer

Leaders of Point Park clubs met with student government members to approve club allocations for the second funding period of the semester.

Student Human Resources Association club asked for $450 for a group membership fee. While there is no rule stating that United Student Government (USG) does not fund membership, it was initially decided that it would not be funded during this period.

However, because the club had funded the past three events on their own, despite available funds through USG, a discussion began.

Senator Samiar Nefzi pushed for the Student Human Resources Association to receive the funding.

“I’m just going to throw this out there, we just allocated $527 for cake, so can’t we pay their fee?” Nefzi said.

The motion to fund the Student Human Resources Association passed.

It won’t be until next week for the IT Student Organization to resolve a similar situation. The club requested $300 for membership but was denied when the budget was approved earlier in the meeting, yet still received funding for other events and supplies.

The total amount of funds requested was $31,432.63. In total, USG allocated $26,210.00 to the clubs by the end of the meeting.

The Student Concerns Committee discussed the next Student Concerns table set for Nov. 8 in the West Penn lobby from 12-3 p.m. Another will be held Nov. 15 in front of the Point Cafe from 12-3 p.m.

President Bobby Bertha swore in another senator to the Rowland School of Business: Mitchum Donatelli, a sports, arts and entertainment management major. Donatelli was a senator last year, but missed the transfer of power due to a medical emergency. Donatelli is also a student athlete on the baseball team.

“I feel like the School of Business is underrepresented,” Donatelli said. “And so is being an athlete. I want to be a voice for the School of Business and for student athletes, who are also underrepresented and very out of the loop.”

USG Treasurer Josh Croup began discussing the future closing of the Subway location on the corner of 4th Avenue and Wood Street; the restaurant gives students a 10% discount.

The owner of this location also owns the Market Square Subway; Croup is looking into establishing a student discount at that location upon the closure. Dean of Students Keith Paylo is agreeing with Croup, even offering to go with students to the location.

Senators brought up last week that some students want the library to have later hours, especially during midterms and finals. In response, the university is looking into changing their hours and whether more security in the lobby is necessary.

The meeting concluded with President Bertha addressing a Social Scoop email sent out to students with dates, times and locations of the next sporting events. President Bertha urged members of the student government to attend.

Disclosure: USG Treasurer Josh Croup is Co-Sports Editor for the Globe.