Globe’s Point: Get Involved On Campus

In this “post-pandemic-but-also-it-is-still-a-pandemic” era that we are currently in, it can be really difficult to find things to do, especially if you’re one of the people concerned with safely having fun. If this sounds like you, look no further than on-campus events.

Now, it’s no secret that many on-campus events in the past have been hit or miss at times. But just because you had a bad time at an one on-campus event does not mean that you’re always going to have a bad time at future events. For example, you might hate karaoke night but end up loving your experience at the cinema department’s public screening of Bong Joon-ho’s four-time academy award-winning movie, Parasite. Sure, you might have had such a miserable time at Bingo that you ended up getting into a lengthy argument with your roommate’s girlfriend about whether or not the Foo Fighters would be where they are without Nirvana, but you might also end up having such a fantastic time at the crafting club that you develop a lifelong hobby of cross-stitching.

The main point here is that Point Park University is sometimes lacking in a sense of community. This is partially due to the pandemic, partially due to the changing times the university has gone through, but mostly due to everyone just sort of doing their own thing. Of course, there’s nothing wrong witht most people just doing their own thing—making sure you take the time for yourself to do what you want to do is super important. At the same time, however, we could all benefit a little more from some community.

One more thing: Even if the event itself is terrible, you might end up having a good time, and you might even end up forming lifelong friendships. And if you don’t make any friends and have a miserable evening, that’s all it is—a miserable evening. You’ll end up having plenty more fantastic ones, and plenty more miserable ones. Maybe, if we all try a little harder to build community here, we might end up with more of the fantastic ones.