Globe’s Point: We are still in a pandemic (part three)

Coming back from Thanksgiving Break, it is crucial that we all as a collective student body acknowledge that COVID-19 is still a thing and that we need to be conscious about monitoring ourselves to make sure we are not spreading the virus to unvaccinated people.

With this window of traveling back from Thanksgiving Break to traveling back home again for Winter Break, it’s crucial that we do what we can to keep COVID-19 and other illnesses like the flu from spreading. Breakthrough COVID-19 cases are very much a thing, and let’s be honest, while Point Park is an almost fully vaccinated community, many of our hometowns aren’t. On that same note, many people from less vaccinated areas will likely be visiting downtown because of the holiday season.

This time of year, downtown gets swarmed by people wanting to spend the holidays, or at least a night of the holidays, in the city. We all know the feeling of being crammed in Market Square while suburbanites struggle to figure out basic directions from Primanti’s to the ice skating rink. When you’re around these groups of people, make sure to be mindful.

Another thing to be mindful of: if you’re at a large indoor event, you should keep your mask on. Even if you’re at a concert that requires you to be fully vaccinated, wearing a mask at these places is important. If a member of a touring band tests positive for COVID-19, that’s a series of shows that they can’t play, and that’s plenty of fans who won’t get to see the artist that you got to see.

It’s easy to write off being cautious about COVID-19. One thing we hear a lot is “it has to end someday.” The issue is, and it’s been the recurring issue for the entire pandemic, is that it can’t truly end until we all acknowledge it and take it seriously.