You’ve Got This

It’s been nothing short of an incredibly tumultuous semester. New issues and stressors have come out at every corner, whether from the ongoing pandemic, the economic effects on inflation, or just the general struggles of being a college student.


Finals coming up no doubt makes things more stressful for everyone. Whether you’ve submitted everything for the semester and are now anxiously waiting for your final grades, or you have 30 missing assignments to do before the end of the month, just know that whatever happens happens.


College is difficult. Finals are difficult. Growing up is difficult. The fact that you’ve gone through everything that you’ve gone through, and you’re still going is something to not only be proud of but something to be celebrated.


There’s an increasing mentality amongst our generation that nothing you do will ever be enough, that you will never matter no matter how many metaphorical mountains you climb. That unless you get a job that pays an insane salary with insane benefits then you’ve accomplished nothing. That unless you pay off all your student loans and live to be 100 years old with a large house and a nice car that you did nothing with your life.


That’s pretty silly! Think of all the crazy stuff you’ve had to do to get to where you are now. For the rest of the semester, put that cynicism aside, focus on completing your assignments and enjoying the company of the people around you. Find ways to be there for your friends and classmates throughout the rest of this semester because they’re stressed too.


If we all look out for each other, we can all get through finals a little saner. More importantly, we can get through life a little saner. And if we can get through life a little saner, then that’s a good thing.