Disney Plus Series ‘She Hulk’ smashes expectations

Written By Salvatore Elia, For The Globe

She Hulk: Attorney at Law debuted on Disney+ on August 18 with the series premiere titled, “A Normal Amount of Rage.” 

The episode introduces us to the main protagonist Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany), in her law office as she prepares for an upcoming court hearing. Walters then breaks the fourth wall as Jennifer Walters to explain to the audience how she first became She-Hulk. 

In a flashback, Walters is traveling with her cousin, Bruce Banner, the original Hulk, but experiences an accidental blood transfusion with Banner due to a car accident where we see her first transition. 

The first episode then goes through a montage of training with Banner as Walters learns of her powers, and how to control them. Walters also educates her cousin on how controlling her Hulk rage is very similar to how women in the professional field must control their rage due to social mores. The episode ends with the introduction of the main villain, Titania (Jameela Jamil) and a subsequent courtroom brawl. 

The series continues to delve into topics such as sexism, traversing the legal world, and dating as a 6’7” green woman, one example being the first scene of the series when Walters is rehearsing her closing argument, a male coworker is insistent that he deliver it as the court would respect and listen to him more. Walters throughout the show also exclaims her crush on Captain America and asks her cousin Bruce for information on the superhero.

Despite debuting to mostly positive reviews, the series has become the subject of controversy in many online circles. Some criticize the topics covered, saying that it’s too “woke” or are upset at how it strays from other Marvel series such as Wandavision which takes a much more serious approach. Some viewers online were also shocked by the now infamous post-credit scene where Walters is hired to become Texas singer Meghan Thee Stallion’s lawyer, resulting in a celebratory dance that fits the motif of the singer. 

Personally, as someone who’s favorite superhero film was the 2003 Hulk starring Eric Bana as Bruce Banner, I rather enjoyed She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, and find it to be a nice break from traditional superhero media. While many people online felt it to be underwhelming, I felt it was a nice lighthearted comedy that also touched on social issues from time-to-time without preaching a message. The series is currently five episodes in with new episodes airing Thursday nights on Disney+.