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Judging Java Holiday Spectacular: Bring joy to your joe

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Coffee Columnist December 7, 2022

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s a holly-jolly Judging Java spectacular. Typically, I write the last column of each semester as a reflection on the semester as a whole and giving this one a special holiday tie-in is...

“Pitch Perfect” series keeps the beat better than expected

Written By Rachel Ross, Co Features/A&E Editor December 7, 2022

For me, the “Pitch Perfect” brand inspires fond memories; between the ages of 10 and 12, it was my favorite movie series. My admiration for the films steadily fizzled out upon discovering my love of...

“The Santa Clauses” and the issue with streaming services

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Editor-In-Chief December 7, 2022

The Santa Clauses show shows everything wrong with Disney Plus The Santa Clauses is a complete and total indictment of streaming services as a concept. It shows everything wrong with the current release...

December graduate Antonio Rossetti says farewell to PPU

Written By Cassandra Harris, Staff Writer December 7, 2022

Editor’s Note: The subject of this piece, Antonio Rossetti is currently ending his tenure at The Globe, and the university. While we would not typically run a story on one of our own, we felt as though...

Letter from the Editor on our coverage of the PointALERT system

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Editor-in-Chief December 7, 2022
Last week, we published an editorial calling for the university police to upgrade the PointALERT system. This week, we have a news story on the PointALERT system, and how it reportedly malfunctioned.

Students should prioritize their mental health

Written By August Stephens, Opinions Editor December 7, 2022
It’s the end of the semester, and I think we are all waiting for it to come to a close. If you are metaphorically skipping gleefully to the end of the semester: You have made it. If you are theoretically dragging your heels to the end of the semester: You have made it. If you are any place in between, I reassure you: You have made it. 

Fast fashion advertisements on Instagram are often scams

Written By Carson Folio, Staff Writer December 7, 2022
Wanting to be fashionable but also price-conscious has been the story of my life, even more so after becoming a college student. Going to thrift shops for unique clothes that do not eat a hole in my wallet can be fun, but the finds are not always golden. Lately, I have been noticing ads on my Instagram feed featuring stylish winter outfits, which would be perfect given the season we are now in. An example of a clothing outlet I was recommended from an Instagram ad is one named “ESNT,” a brand based in Los Angeles, California. They are very proud of this, given their Instagram page’s username is “@esnt.la.

Globe’s Point: Finish Strong, Pioneers

December 7, 2022
Well, we’re here. The end of the semester. There are a million things that we could say here about that, but it is better to offer one, strong, consistent, message: you’ve got this.

Pitt Football extends win streak to four, awaits bowl game invitation after 8-4 after defeating Miami

Written By Kayla Sterner, Staff Writer November 30, 2022

Seeking revenge after last year’s loss to Miami, the Panthers (8-4, 5-3 ACC) stormed the Hurricanes (5-7, 3-5 ACC) for a 42-16 victory — the biggest win they’ve ever clutched over Miami. Pitt ended...

Gridiron Report: Steelers Take Down Colts 24-17 in Primetime

Written By Anthony Cugini, Sports Columnist November 30, 2022

The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Indianapolis Colts 24-17 on Monday Night Football. Kenny Pickett played his most complete game yet as he completed difficult throws during both the first and second...

Generation Z needs to help older generations learn about diversity

Written By August Stephens, Opinions Editor November 30, 2022
Generation Z, for those who do not know yet, is the generation that comes after Millennials. The age range in 2022 typically falls from 18-25, but in some circles, the generation could arguably span a few more years in either direction. The post-millennial generation has gained increasing representation in the public eye, largely for pushing the right to vote and basic human rights. In the media, we are most often known for eating Tide Pods. 

Globe’s Point: We need better and faster communication from campus police

November 30, 2022
Welcome back from Thanksgiving break, Pioneers! We hope everyone had a restful time, whether you went home or stayed in the area, and are a little more charged to get through these last few weeks before finals. However, there is something we need to address that occurred right before break.
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