It’s too early for rookie Kenny Pickett to take the reigns of the Steelers

Written By Kayla Sterner, Staff Writer

Steelers fans are spoiled. We watched former quarterback Ben Roethlisberger dominate the field for 18 years and boast a 165-81-1 overall record, lead the team to 13 playoff appearances, and won two Lombardi’s.

 After three games without Roesthlisberger leading the offense, fans are already calling for the removal of current starter Mitch Trubisky and if Trubisky loses the start, former University at Pittsburgh standout and rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett would be taking the reins of a very underwhelming offense. 

The sixth-year veteran has not been much of a help on the field, opting for quick passes and struggling to throw the ball downfield. Yet, I still don’t think Trubisky is the reason for the lack of end zone celebrations — he isn’t calling the plays. It is no secret that offensive coordinator Matt Canada is a below average play-caller. Even college programs didn’t want him in charge. 

If Canada is still the one calling the plays, I don’t think the quarterback will make that much of a difference. Pickett will still have to execute what his coordinator calls, and players are showing doubt in the calls.

“We can only do what they tell us to do and execute it,” wide receiver, Chase Claypool, said to Yahoo Sports.

Claypool is not the only one to speak publicly about these concerns.

“We have to call the right plays to get down the field in the right ways,” Diontae Johnson, said to press.

If the play is designed to go to Johnson, Trubisky is unlikely to be looking downfield for Claypool.

This isn’t to say that Trubisky is doing everything right, the quarterback has only thrown 569 yards and two touchdowns in 12 quarters. He is not good under pressure, but there is no quick fix to this issue. It’s time to finally fix a very permeable offensive line. 

Pickett finished the preseason with a 124.7 passer rating, three touchdowns and 261 yards in about three quarters of action. Keep in mind, the preseason is full of rookies and undrafted free agents trying to make their mark, and Pickett may not perform so well if he has Von Miller down his throat.  

I understand the frustration being 1-2 when the defensive is playing well and the offense can’t seem to complete passes. But, do you really want a rookie to take control? 

We want Pickett for the long haul, too much pressure on a rookie can hurt him both mentally and physically. With a weak offensive line, the chances of Pickett getting hurt are too high.