Pioneer Records fundraises with festive fall bake sale

Written By Cassandra Harris, Staff Writer

In Lawrence Hall on Oct. 10-11, Point Park’s record label Pioneer records held a fundraising event of a Halloween themed bake sale. Tables were filled with baked goods wrapped in festive Halloween packaging, including pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, a cheesecake cookie bar, chocolate chip cookies, and gluten free brownies and cupcakes.

“We chose a bake sale specifically because a lot of the directors love to bake,” Sandamini Sinley, the director of operations for Pioneer Records, said, “It was the most achievable option in the time frame we were met with. Specifically, our Directors Olivia Davis and Delaney Metikosh love to bake in their spare time.” 

Delaney Metikosh, like the four other bakers, made all the pumpkin chocolate chip muffins out of pocket; she is the director of Marketing PR and social media at Pioneer Records. 

“I knew we wanted to do like a fall kind of theme with everything,” Metikosh said, “I had just tried baking a lot of pumpkin things that, I want to say, the week before. So, I knew that it worked out perfectly when I did it the first time and just decided, hey guys, I’ll do this. They were a big hit.” 

According to Sinley, many people outside of the Sports Arts and Entertainment Management community of Point Park don’t know about the record label. 

“This bake sale held two main purposes.” Sinley said, “One, to raise money, and two, to let people know that Pioneer Records exists.”  

Ethan Stoner volunteers for Pioneer records and held a shift at the table during the bake sale. He notes why he volunteers and hopes for more students to have knowledge about the label too. According to Metikosh the label wasn’t given any more funding than for office supplies.

“The meeting that they were introducing the bake sale, they wanted people to help out,” Stoner said, “Help bake, help man the table, help with selling, help with advertising like all that stuff, and so it was all hands-on deck whenever we had seen how stressed they were with the funding. Pioneer Records really doesn’t get all that much funding from the school, so we really have to get our own money”  

Sinley said the label needed extra funds to purchase new equipment and other expenses.  

“I’ve made about like; I want to say it was 120 muffins? And yeah, we sold nearly everything.” Metikosh said, “I think we had only 5 packs leftover.”  

Metikosh calculated that her muffins, which took her five hours to make, alone would come to a total of $200.00. 

Metikosh said that the money raised might also go to T-shirts, equipment, event food or even branded guitar picks.  

Sinley noted that the record label has other plans to raise more money in the future too. 

“Pioneer Records is hoping to hold a Caroling Gram fundraiser,” Sinley said, “where students and faculty can ‘purchase’ one or more of our label artists to perform holiday songs for loved ones and more the week before finals. Details are still to be determined and authorized but we believe this will be in the works soon.”