The Gridiron Report: Rookie QB Kenny Pickett’s struggles continue as Steelers fall to Dolphins in Miami, drop to 2-5

Written By Anthony Cugini, Sports Columnist

The Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the Miami Dolphins 16-10 on Sunday Night.
There’s one major problem to the way the Steelers have been playing: the offense. There are a ton of reasons as to why the offense has been so terrible, but one in particular was highlighted against the Dolphins and that was the quarterback.
Kenny Pickett was awful, bad, terrible, and any other synonyms that you could think of. Once again turnovers proved to be his downfall as he threw three interceptions to set his total to eight on the season through just three and a half games.
The first pick Pickett threw could be chalked up to receiver Chase Claypool being tripped by the Miami defender. However, the other two were just plain bad. Pickett threw the ball into coverage both occasions with the third being the worst by far.
With under a minute on the clock, Pickett was putting together a pretty good drive to try and salvage a win for Pittsburgh. On a second down and two, Pickett rolled to his right and threw the ball towards the end zone. The pass was easily intercepted to seal the win for Miami.
I understand it’s much easier to dissect the play after the fact than it would be in real time, but it seemed obvious that Pickett should have ran the ball in that situation. Kenny seemed to have nothing but green grass ahead of him with plenty of time to run out of bounds. Instead he opted to take a shot towards double coverage.
It’s hard to find any other outstanding reasons as to why Pittsburgh lost. The defense was extremely solid in the second half as they didn’t let up a single point. The offense failed to score with multiple drive-killing interceptions towards the end of the game.
Kenny Pickett is a rookie quarterback who was making just his third career start so I’m not sure if it’s time to call for him to be benched. On the other hand it’s getting extremely frustrating to watch him keep making the same mistakes he made a week prior. All Steeler fans can hope for is for Kenny to learn from these mistakes to improve in the future.
With the loss, the Steelers now fall to 2-5 on the season. The Steelers will travel to Philadelphia on Sunday to take on the last undefeated team in the NFL. The Philadelphia Eagles are coming off of a bye week with a 6-0 record. The Steelers have had some tough games but this looks to be the toughest yet. Let’s just hope Pittsburgh doesn’t lose by 35 points again.