A Letter From The Editor on Our Post-Gazette Coverage

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Editor-in-Chief

Two editions ago, our Globe’s Point was a message of solidarity with striking Pittsburgh Post-Gazette workers. We stand by that statement tenfold, even now as more Post-Gazette workers have joined the strike.


This week, striking members of the Post-Gazette newsroom held a demonstration on campus to raise awareness of the ongoing strike. Because this happened on campus, I feel as though The Globe has a responsibility to cover the demonstration.


Our editorial board still stands in support with them, and I personally feel very strongly in support of them. They deserve a fair contract and the fact that Block Communications will not meet them at the bargaining table is absurd.


That being said, we are a newspaper. Despite my own opinions on the subject matter, we have a responsibility to present the information accurately, a responsibility that I upheld fully. I relied heavily on the actual voices of the demonstrators and not my own for this piece. Likewise, I presented the Post-Gazette’s side of the story as well.


Because some of the strikers are Point Park graduates, some of them have had ties to The Globe. I would emphasize that anyone featured in the story has no current ties to The Globe and no editorial control whatsoever over the content that we produce. At the end of the day, the fact that they are Point Park graduates who had involvement with one of Point Park’s organizations makes their voices incredibly relevant to this story, and to run a story on it here without their voices included would be a disservice.