Generation Z needs to help older generations learn about diversity

Educating people who do not understand the importance of diversity is important.

Written By Brooke Stephens, Opinions Editor

Generation Z, for those who do not know yet, is the generation that comes after Millennials. The age range in 2022 typically falls from 18-25, but in some circles, the generation could arguably span a few more years in either direction. The post-millennial generation has gained increasing representation in the public eye, largely for pushing the right to vote and basic human rights. In the media, we are most often known for eating Tide Pods. 


Rather seriously, I believe we should care more about the impact Generation Z has and will have on the planet. We are forming protests, creating diversity, and making people who are older than us uncomfortable just by existing. We are the most racially and ethnically diverse generation, and the most educated, according to Pew Research Center. We were born into an uncertain world, and we are now working to create conversations around social, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. 


While this could be seen as intimidating information, it should be seen as positive. Generation Z is here to support every person, at least as much as we are able to. Society has issues stemming from ancestors thousands of years ago. The body carries this trauma, and it is easy to never notice how it is passed on if not paid attention to. 


That being said, there needs to be a balance of focusing on past and present issues. Climate change, gun reform, and poverty are pressing issues regardless, but especially in 2022. Lawmakers have deep pockets which they often use to hide behind excuses of why such issues cannot be made less extreme. For those readers wondering why those issues are extreme: It was 70 degrees Fahrenheit until two weeks ago, in November, not in the traditional summer months. Also, as of October 24th, there have been 257 mass shootings on school campuses in 2022, according to Snopes. Additionally, the national poverty rate was 12.8% in 2021 but varies at the state level. 


If you are going to choose not to listen, that is your choice. I am by no means saying these are not wicked problems. They are complex problems that will not be solved overnight. Action needs to be taken in order to alleviate these issues for the general public. However, I am incredibly confident that Generation Z will aid the rest of the world in leaving the Earth a better place than when we were born into it. 


We need to reform what American generations have known. Except, notably, without sexism, racism, disablism, colonization, ageism, religious discrimination, and any other prejudice. 


Reforming society will take relearning and unlearning thousands of years of unconscious and conscious beliefs, but people need to be more willing to listen to one another. Stories will be shared that others would have never heard previously. This will cause a more open-minded dynamic in society, where not everyone will feel triggered. 


While it seems that people being able to live how they want to live is too much of an ask, it shouldn’t have to be. If we help older generations understand where Generation Z is coming from without feeling attacked, there is a chance improvement could take place at a quicker pace than we would assume. We have the power in our hands, and it is key that we know how to work with it as the most diverse generation thus far.