Midterms determine abortion rights, LGBTQIA+ equity, and more

Written By Brooke Stephens, Opinions Editor

On November 8th, 2022 Pennsylvania will be holding their general election. While I believe everyone should vote, this election is extremely impactful for everyone in the state. Every community member needs to register to vote for Pittsburgh’s security.


The deadline to register to vote was Monday, October 24th. The last day to request a mail-in or absentee ballot is by 5pm on Tuesday, November 1st, according to Whyy of National Public Radio.


The reason I emphasize voting in Pennsylvania’s general election is because the rights of women and minorities are at stake. College students facing student loan debt will face troubles regarding debt relief, especially as the Biden administration has made a push towards canceling people’s student loans within their specified restrictions.


The Pennsylvania governor’s and Senate seat will be available for office. Tom Wolf, the current Democratic governor of Pennsylvania, allows for the state to not hold a majority Republican government. Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman and Mehmet Oz are on the ballot for the state Senate race. Attorney General Josh Shapiro and state senator Doug Mastriano are running for governor.


Mehmet Oz is known for being a “Doctor,” which is a term he uses to give medical advice on his reality television show. He has been known as Dr. Oz for years, primarily through older audiences.


John Fetterman is from the town of Braddock, Pennsylvania, where he gets his blue collar representation. In the past his focus has been on progressing and forming concentrated youth programs.


Doug Mastriano is a far-right candidate who is supported by other Republicans. He has been supported by Donald Trump in the past six years.


Josh Shapiro is a Democratic candidate who uses his platform as Attorney General to gain popularity. If Shapiro won, the state government would remain divided.


This is not negative, as it would guarantee that the Republican-majority government would not have a Republican Governor as well. This determines if abortion rights, LGBTQIA+ equality, marijuana legalization, student debt relief, and community income inequality is valued in the state. If Mastriano becomes governor, it is a fact that human rights and resources will not only become limited but deconstructed.


I am only assuming that everyone reading this article has seen the smear campaign ads on YouTube videos, it seems like every other video there is a new message to be pushed to the general public about these candidates.


Before choosing the candidates which they want to vote for, everyone needs to research the candidate’s stance on issues which are affecting everyone in this country. At the end of the day, we are all human beings who need to take care of ourselves but also other people. This is the only way we will get better at understanding one another.


I recommend everyone turn out to vote Blue no matter who in this 2022 Pennsylvania general election. Various issues are at stake which would remove freedoms from the individuals who need them most. Support humans who are kind to other human beings.