Globe’s Point: Happy Spring Semester, Pioneers!

Welcome back, Pioneers, and happy spring semester! We truly hope you all had a nice, relaxing winter break and are feeling ready and recharged for the new semester. Now that we are back, we wanted to wish everyone good luck and to remind you that what you are doing is important.


A new semester is a great way to reset and remind yourself of why you are here in the first place. Let last semester’s struggles be behind you. Graduation may seem so far away or utterly impossible at times, but you can do this. Every assignment and class is getting you one step closer to achieving your dreams. So if you are already complaining about an “unnecessary” class or struggling to get out of bed for a morning class, acknowledge how you are feeling and remind yourself of your goals. Turn these feelings into fuel and push forward. College is difficult. In fact, extremely difficult, but not impossible. 


If you are unsure of what your goals are, that is totally okay. Most of us are in our late teens to early twenties. It is insane to be expected by society to have your life all planned out this early. Learn as much as you can in your courses and try to find what peaks your interest the most. An interest can turn into a passion. 


Also remember that you are not alone in this academic, social, physical, mental battle alone. Everytime you go to class, you are in a room full of others trying to figure out life just like you. Lean on your friends and family, reach out to your professors and advisors, make an appointment at the counseling center. Maybe try that New Year’s resolution you said you were always going to do or set some new goals. Just because we are halfway through an academic year does not mean that things have to be the same this semester. You can always make a fresh start. 


Be easy on yourself this week as well. Having no classes or schedule of sorts for three weeks to then having a full schedule along with clubs and other activities is a difficult transition. Be kind to yourself. 


Best of luck, Pioneers. You got this!