Globe’s Point: Good luck on midterms and enjoy spring break

Happy week seven, Pioneers! It is crazy to believe that we are already halfway through the spring semester and three quarters of the way through the academic year. You should be so incredibly proud of yourself and all the hard work that you have been doing. Put down this paper right now and give yourself a pat on the back. It is time to reward yourself this spring break.


If you are reading this before taking some midterms, we wish you the absolute best of luck. Midterms are difficult and no easy task. No matter the outcome, you should be proud of yourself. All the hours studying and taking notes are truly worth it and are getting you closer to reaching your larger goals. It can be so easy to lose sight of your end goal, but try to remind yourself often of what you are here in the first place and use your goals for motivation and perseverance. If you are graduating this semester, congratulations on completing your last set of midterms.


As we enter the spring break, we are here to remind you to stay safe and be responsible no matter what you do. While this break may not be the typical college movie spring break experience for all, it is important to remember to party and drink or smoke, if you so chose, responsibly no matter your environment, especially if you are traveling and are in an unfamiliar place. Make sure you are not alone, that you have a designated driver, and you know your limits. 


With this being said, we sincerely hope you enjoy your spring break, whether you are staying on campus, going on vacation, or going home. If you can, try to avoid schoolwork at all costs, and utilize this time to rest and recharge for the final push of the semester. 


Let the spring break actually be a break. Breaks are necessary and will help you in the long run. You cannot run off an empty vessel. 


The finish line is so close, so finish out strong, Pioneers. You got this!