Globe’s Point: We need better communication and involvement from the university

Greetings, Pioneers! Happy week five of classes! What a wild ride this semester has already been. Remember to stop and check in on yourself psychically and mentally often.


As covered in our news section this week, we have another new interim president. This makes it now three university presidents that we have had in one academic year and in the span of two weeks. We have received these email announcements on Friday and Tuesday past five p.m. Two huge announcements were sent to us in our already bombarded and crowded email at the end of the day, when people are less likely to check. 


Now a university president may not affect our everyday college experience, but the president is essentially the face of the university, and if the university can send messages out like this, what other large announcements would they try to hide in our email? These kinds of announcements are not something that just happen and get sent out as soon as possible but well-crafted ahead of time. We as a newspaper strive to do our job to cover important university news, especially for those who might not know what is going on due to lost emails.


Also, as our university faces another president change, we urge students to express what they want to see in a president for the university. Whether you are in a student club or organization or not, every voice is important in this decision. The administration may not always have the best assessment of what students need and include us in changes like this, but we have the power to change that. Our voices deserve to be heard and taken into account, especially because part of our tuition goes to these salaries. 


All in all, Pioneers, stay strong and true to yourself. Continue to be what makes Point Park great, and try not to let any allegations or controversies take from your college experience. You got this!