Globe’s Point: We need off-campus crime alerts from Point Park Police

Happy April Pioneers — it’s week 12! We are finally in the last month of the semester which means the end is right around the corner.


As you have probably heard and read in the news section this week, high schools throughout western Pennsylvania, including local ones in Oakland, received calls about possible campus shooters Thankfully, there were no actual threats. Nonetheless, it was still a very scary situation, traumatizing and potentially retraumatizing for individuals. 


Oakland Catholic is a fifteen minute bus ride from campus. Many students, staff and faculty live in the Oakland area and commute. There are plenty of us who could have been in the area that day, even though we go to Point Park. 


Just because this threat was off campus does not mean that we should not have been notified by Point Park Police. Although the threats occurred in the late morning and early afternoon, during peak class time, it does not mean that we could not have been there. As a university that labels itself as “Pittsburgh is our campus,” our police need to start acting like it. 


We have written in this column several times about the lack of notifications from our police before, whether it be about on or off campus crime. What is it going to take for our police to get it? What is it going to take for them to care about us once we leave the Point Park “bubble?” 


It really is not that hard to send a quick mass text or email. We are not saying to alert us for every little crime, but we should definitely know if there is a possible mass shooting three miles away from campus. And when we say we, this means all faculty, staff and students, not just one group. Enough is enough.