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‘Burgh Bites: Moe’s Kids Quesadilla

When I began doing this column, I knew that I never wanted to eat and rate food from a chain restaurant. However, the kids quesadilla from Moe’s is so notable that every college kid on a budget needs to know about it. 

By no means am I trying to rate Moe’s as a restaurant overall; this review’s purpose is only to rank this superb item they keep on the kid’s menu. Once named the mini bandwagon, the kids quesadilla is sold at just $4.55. This glorious item is not only cheap, but it also comes with so much extra food that it provides a great bang for your buck. 

What can I say? It’s a small tortilla encased in a bed of cheese with rice, protein and, if I’m feeling adventurous, lettuce and sour cream. 

In the process of ordering the quesadilla, it’s important to always ask for half white and half brown rice; because it is on the kid’s menu, the worker will give you a small amount of rice compared to what is on a regular quesadilla. Asking for half white and half brown rice will ensure that you receive more than the portioned amount. 

Take advantage of the fact that the workers will most likely put any toppings you want on the quesadilla. 

Once that thing heats up over the griddle, they will take it off and place it in tinfoil over a bed of FREE chips. When I first bought the kids quesadilla and I learned that it came with a small drink and cookie too, I almost cried. Not only do you receive a full meal to fill your belly but also dessert and hydration. What more could I ask for? 

I remember when I entered a Moe’s for the first time in my life last year around Halloween. I was not accustomed to ordering food for myself, nor did I have any idea that Moe’s was a place that sells burritos. 

I went online to find the menu, and I decided to get a Moe’s Philly Cheesesteak. It was on some menu from some restaurant with the same name. When I went up to the counter and asked for one such cheesesteak, the workers looked at me so confused. 

To the man wearing that weird Halloween mask who quickly jumped in by saying that I wanted to get the Philly burrito… you saved my life that day, thank you. I had never been more embarrassed in my life, especially when I came in the next day to get the same type of burrito.

During this Moe’s visit, it was not what happened in the restaurant, but rather outside that sparked quite the tale. While walking through the city with our leftovers, a man on the street approached our editor-in-chief and I. The man pointed at Erin’s small bag containing her half eaten burrito and just stared. He then asked for the bag and approached closer. Erin gave the man the bag, and he then asked for five dollars. All of this was happening outside of Joe Rockey’s watch party on election night. The vibe was interesting to say the least. 

Although I feel that I should be more embarrassed from ordering off the kids menu, I am not ashamed to say that this is quite possibly the best item to order. 

It doesn’t taste terrible either. It’s not the most delicious thing I have ever had in my life, but it’s better than Noodles and Company in Market Square (sorry Erin). I don’t care what people say about the food at Chipotle tasting better. The free chips at Moe’s will undoubtedly win my heart over every time. 

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