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‘Burgh Bites: The Globe dinner at The Yard

The Globe fall staff dinner at The Yard.


This past week The Globe staff and I had our one free semesterly dinner. After finishing an interview for this week’s Shalom article, I showed up 30 minutes late and found myself sitting in the empty seat next to Erin. She reminded me of my grandma who would tell us not to be on our phones at the dinner table. After I began taking notes of everything in the restaurant for Burgh Bites, she requested that I take the night off. Instead I insisted that everyone on The Globe staff take notes of their meal to make a combined in depth review of this restaurant. 


After the tip, the total bill was a whopping $263.33 


The only thing that I recommend on this menu are the Mac Attack Balls. This was the most crispy, divine fried cheese thing I have ever had in my life. It may have been very carby, but for the four of us that tried it, it set the bar high for The Yard.


After our dinners came out quickly, all of us were left disappointed, especially after such an excellent appetizer. I’m told that the Yard is normally good, but our combined experience was pretty terrible. My chips were soggy and my sandwich called Yinz Guys Hungry attempted to replicate the Pittsburgher at Primantis. The Yard’s version of it was actually better. Although in the end, it was just a crappy sandwich with meat between bread.


Erin Yudt, Editor-In-Chief


The Yard holds a special place in my heart, as it is the place my parents, aunt, uncle and I went to after I moved in my freshman year. We were all sore and exhausted, trying to make sense of the faculty demonstration that was going on simultaneously and holding back tears over our grilled cheese sandwiches. The sandwich I got then was the same one I got this past week: the Mac Attack with bacon. Usually, this slaps. The mac and cheese is usually very creamy, and the bacon and bread is crunchy. Maybe because our group was larger this time, I got a cold and soggy sandwich. It was only grilled on one side as well. The chips were stale, and the tomato soup was kind of flavorless. I am just going to say this was a bad day for The Yard, as their grilled cheeses and tomato soup on a good day are still the best I have ever had. 


Ana Bellamy, co-editor of Features and A&E

For my appetizer, I had the Pretzels with Beer Cheese. The pretzels were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. I would have been content with just the pretzels and the beer cheese for my whole dinner. It wasn’t perfect though, as the cheese sauce was really thin and could have used a bit more beer flavor. For my main entree, I chose the Buffy the Mac Attack Slayer with a side of tomato soup and waffle fries. Instead of using Heinz ketchup, I like to use the tomato soup as my dipping sauce of choice. The waffle fries were seasoned incredibly well and the seasoning flavor balanced the under-seasoned tomato soup. The grilled cheese was good as well. I recommend it because eating this sandwich tasted like I was eating a portable version of a buffalo chicken dip. 


Carson Folio, Co-Editor of Opinions

I have ordered the same thing every single time, the “My Diet Starts Tomorrow.” It has provolone cheese, white cheese sauce, waffle battered chicken, bacon, pickles, hot sauce and maple syrup. That sandwich is usually amazing – with the keyword being usually. During last year’s Globe dinner, it was good as expected, but this time it was different. The bread was only grilled on one side, the chicken rivaled the quality of the dining hall, and it just tasted off. Just like everyone else, my chips were flat-out awful. How can a chip be too crunchy yet too soft at the same time? This still baffles me. The Yard is still good though, I swear.

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