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‘Burgh Bites: So Fresh is really Fresh

Photo by Cassandra Harris
So Fresh is so fresh. Here’s the proof.

For some reason I had avoided eating at this restaurant. Judging from the outside, my impression was that it’s just another trash place to buy salads. When I saw the restaurant’s automated machines and heard the cooks roughhousing and cursing in the kitchen, just minutes after they opened, I learned that I was poorly mistaken.


In the short history of Burgh Bites, SoFresh is hands down the best place Downtown I have reviewed so far.


The strawberry banana smoothie with agave and almond milk was very well-balanced, and you can tell that the fruit was ripe. The usual, numbing taste that an overpowering banana drink gives in the throat was not there even after finishing it. The smoothie was not watered down, nor was it overpowering. It was simply the perfect combination of fruit. The flavors of the drink and health benefits are simply worth the price at $8.49.


The second smoothie I tried was called a banana date smoothie made with almond milk, peanut butter and flax seed. The word “date” in the title made it a little scary to try this one, because before taking the first sip I didn’t even know what a date looked like, let alone what it would taste like. 


This smoothie was a meal in itself, more so than the strawberry banana, making the drink worth the price of $8.49. The flavor was good, the taste of peanut butter sat prominently at the top without overpowering the others. And although I had my preconceptions about dates beforehand, the peanut butter taste allowed me to convince myself that there were definitely not dates in the smoothie.


I recommend any of these smoothies for a quick, thick liquid lunch or as something to hold you off before dinner, during class or after a meeting. 


For solid food, I ordered a small warm bowl. This starts at $6.79, and there are so many options a customer can pick, including add-ins. I chose brown rice with parsley, corn, broccoli, fire-braised chicken thigh and spicy mayo. I didn’t end up using or liking the mayo, though.


The extra toppings I got were the $1.69 fresh sliced Avocado, $1.49 hard boiled egg and $0.99 parmesan. 


Everything was literally sooo fresh, I ate this thing with a massive smile. The rice was moist, the chicken had good flavor and wasn’t dry, the broccoli was very soft and the parmesan, though subtle, still added a little cheesy touch. The hard boiled egg didn’t taste like crap. Everything was just so perfect. The only thing I wanted was more avocado.


My bowl with all of the add-ins plus a single smoothie was $23.44, so it’s definitely a place for splurging, but the food kept me content until dinner. 

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