Seniors offer advice to incoming freshmen

Seniors recommend places to eat, how to meet new people


Photo by Kelsee McHugh

A sign outside of Conestoga Hall welcomes Point Park Students back to campus for another semester.

Written By Lauren Clouser, Featured Editor

When Taylor Colbert first arrived on campus as a freshman, she was unfamiliar with the area despite living only 20 minutes away. 

“For as much as I am close to the city, I was never down here,” Colbert said. “My mom didn’t like driving through the city, so we didn’t come Downtown. So I was similar to the other students who came from far away.”

Colbert said she was originally intimidated by the city but soon adjusted. 

“Baldwin and the city are very different places, so I was very nervous coming into it,” Colbert said. “But people are very helpful at Point Park.”

Now a senior cinema production major and a freshman resident educator (RE), Colbert reflected on her own college experience and offered advice to incoming freshman.

Colbert, a self-described introvert, said one of the most difficult parts of adjusting to college life was getting out and meeting new people. 

“That’s the hardest thing to have to hear that you have to go out and you have to talk to people, but it’s what you have to do…Just make a friend and join clubs,” Colbert said. 

Colbert said she attended the club fair, which helped her to decide which clubs she would be interested in. 

“I think it is a very good thing for people to check out because there’s like 50 organizations and there are only so many that are actually able to put flyers up, so you’re not seeing everything,” Colbert said. 

Siena Stroh, a senior broadcast production and media management major, recommended going to on-campus events to find friends. 

“I just went to every opening, anything that was happening,” Stroh said. “I went to it just to see who was there. And then you start to find some people who have similar interests as you, and you start to bond with them.”  

For John Lang, a senior cinema production major, making friends was simply a matter of spending time on campus and growing more comfortable over time. 

“Having those sort of smaller interactions with people where you start to feel like you realize who you connect with, and those are the people you become friends with,” Lang said. 

For those struggling to meet new people, Colbert recommended talking to REs.  

“Please don’t sit in your room and just think you’re alone, on this campus, you are not alone,” Colbert said. “There’s resources you can talk to, your RE is there to talk to. We can help to bridge those friendships.”  

Colbert also suggested talking to a counselor. 

“We do have counseling and people forget that we have that. And don’t be embarrassed if you need to go to counseling at Point Park. College is scary and you need to talk about that sometimes,” Colbert said. 

For those on the campus meal plan, Lang recommended trying to eat healthy. 

“Eat healthy because it’s really hard to eat healthy, and it’s very easy to go in and just eat pizza and a hamburger because it’s there,” Lang said. 

Stroh suggested getting to know the CulinArt employees. 

“Two of the guys who work there now know me and know my order, because I would get the same thing every single day,” Stroh said. “A good bond came out of that, always befriend the people who are making your food.”

For off-campus dining, both Lang and Colbert recommended The Yard in Market Square, a restaurant that specializes in grilled cheese. 

“The Yard is a good place, but that’s more fancy. That’s always my moving-in dinner,” Colbert said. 

Stroh said one of her favorite places to eat was Stacked, which is located in Oakland. 

“It’s a burger place where you can create your own burger,” Stroh said. “They also have chicken sandwiches and make-your-own milkshakes and they do trivia nights. It’s just a fun place for college kids where you can hang out.” 

To get around, Stroh tries to walk. When the distance is too far, she uses Lyft or Uber. 

“If something requires an Uber, I try to find someone else who’s going to that same location, just because Ubers can be costly,” Stroh said. 

Colbert recommended getting a Connect Card for Port Authority buses and the light rail, known as the T.

“I didn’t have a Connect Card freshman year,” Colbert said. “I got one my sophomore year and was like ‘Why did I carry cash on me?’” 

To help navigate the bus system Colbert suggested going to the Port Authority station on Smithfield Street for maps, or using Google Maps. 

“If you type into Google Maps where you’re trying to go, it will give you the bus numbers and the time that they’re coming,” Colbert said. 

Colbert said that although transportation in the city was challenging at first, she learned quickly. 

“You’ll mess it up, but within a month it’ll all be old hat,” Colbert said. 

Overall, Lang looks back on his freshman year as a good experience. 

“I remember thinking about it as the most fun I’ve ever had with school, just getting to study what I really loved and meeting like-minded people,” Lang said. 

Stroh recommended making the most of the first year. 

 “As cliché as it sounds, you’re only a freshman once,” Stroh said. “So have fun, but be serious at the same time. Everyone’s just as lost as you are. Try to find people who are lost like you and bond together.”