USG announces new treasurer to executive cabinet

Written By Sarah Gibson, USG Beat Writer

In their seventh meeting of the year, the United Student Government (USG) of Point Park University announced that they had chosen their new standing Treasurer. Laura Draghiciu, a senior business manage- ment major, will be appointed next week. While the agenda originally planned for her to be appointed and confirmed at this week’s meeting, Draghiciu was un- able to attend this week’s meeting.

Two candidates who ap- plied for Treasurer both expressed an interest in being in the senate though they did not get the position of Treasurer. President Jake Berlin moved to establish two of the three allowed at-large seats by senate majority. He noted that this would serve as his 100 hour notice of the recognition of the candidates for the two at- large seats. The legislative body unanimously passed the motion for the estab- lishment of these seats.

Megan Corder, an alum- ni engagement officer from the Office of Alumni En- gagement and Giving was this week’s guest speaker. She took a few minutes at the beginning of the meeting to explain a little more about her role in the Office of Alumni Engagement. She also explained that the of- fice had recently undergone

a name change from Alumni Relations and also the fact that she comes to USG meetings every week to bet- ter understand the group in case an alumnus from USG were curious of the current events of the club.

USG also allocated $350 to their internal budget in order to provide polos for the senators who did not yet have one.

During one of the open floor segments, Senator Mathew Johnson requested clarity on committees and how senators may join them, and whether or not a legis- lative body member could change their committee without the approval of the Vice President. Vice President Lake said that that of- fer still stands for students, but that she hadn’t heard anyone ask to have their committee changed yet.

Next week’s guest speaker will be Chris Hill, the Vice President of Physical Plant. President Berlin alerted the legislative body that Chris Hill would be a great source for questions regarding work orders and renovations, and he urged members to speak with their constituents in order to come prepared with con- cerns to discuss.

Vice President Lake also announced that the newly-appointed senators would soon be assigned to their Faculty Committees. She said that she would assign two senators to each committee.