Student media deserves compensation

Written By Diana Navarrete, Staff Writer

Financially, life in college is tough.  Every year, the price for college tuition rises, making it harder for students to reach their educational goals. Just last year in the 2018-19 school year, there was a 3.9-percent tuition increase for all full-time students.

In order for our society to succeed and make decisions that will benefit all, there has to be good education. Without proper education, there is no hope for individuals with the capacity to make well-reasoned decisions that will lead to the nation’s success rather than harm.

College students, more times than not, struggle with financial decisions and meeting their tuition costs. To be exact, 40 percent of college freshmen students drop out because of these money issues.

The only solution to achieve a higher education after high school is to either have wealthy family members pay for the entirety of the tuition, or take the most common and reasonable choice, which is for college students to work while in school.

Work causes another issue. Full-time students balance both academic work and their jobs in order to pay that education. Not to mention, the students that participate in clubs and extra-curricular activities, such as the school newspaper, have at least double the work to do.

It is true that it all remains in the choice of the individual college student to decide whether they want to participate in other activities aside from their college classes. Although, student involvement in the school’s organizations is what makes the name of Point Park University recognized.

Focusing on the Globe, without student involvement, people in general would have no idea about what goes on at campus and outside of campus.  Not only does the Globe focus on events that affect Point Park but other colleges as well and Pittsburgh as a whole.

The Globe is a student-run organization, but its duties do not differentiate from other known news organizations. Its mission is to inform its students and beyond of real events that affect the community. Staff writers work hard to create stories that will both intrigue and educate a wide array of readers.

Being a staff writer means that one has to be capable of taking time out of their busy schedules to actually go out in the field and interview live sources, research and create well-established arguments that educate the readers. Time and effort are huge factors that come into place when creating a single story. It is not labeled as a “work-study” job when in reality it is. Students work to write those stories and complete their studies at the same time.

With all of this taken into consideration, there is no doubt that college writers should be paid. It is a job that requires responsibilities and time management like any other job. Countless hours are spent creating that single newspaper that is delivered every Wednesday with new and interesting updates.

When is it right to not get compensated for one’s hard work and dedication?  Other colleges pay their staff writers, so why not Point Park?  Earning money for each story that is published would create another source of income that would lighten the financial burden of a college student.